Introducing FlavRx Clear! Adding Strain-Specific Dabs to Their All-Star Lineup

The Most Popular Strains & Genuine Terpene Profiles!

The FlavRx Clear line offers 18 strain-specific dabbing choices, each with the unique terpene profiles and recognizable effects consumers expect from their favorite distinct strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Tangie, Black Berry Kush and Sour Diesel.

FlavRx Clear is produced using the same solventless CO2 extraction process customers already trust for its potency, purity and flavor. Now, customers will be able to enjoy the perfect dab from all of the FlavRx strains they’ve already grown to love.


Clearly the Best Option!

In response to the outpouring of demand for the hottest trend in cannabis, FlavRx adds a dabbable Clear line to their strain-specific supercritical CO2 oil cartridges and disposable pens.

FlavRx Clear is the result of a highly refined proprietary extraction process that produces immensely potent levels of THC in lab tested strain-specific cannabis oils and concentrates. Marijuana consumers grow accustomed to the unique experiences and flavors found in the diversity of flower strains, and in-turn, consumers demand the same choices in their cannabis oils and concentrates.

Wholesale Pricing!

When it comes to stocking the very best strain-specific concentrates available, the choice is clearly FlavRx. Businesses won’t have to do the heavy lifting because the FlavRx line is Powered By Weedmaps, highlighted on marijuana . com, and will be heavily featured throughout the expansive network.

Contact FlavRx today for Wholesale pricing and bulk discounts.

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