Newsletter, July 2017


Rebelution Infused by FlavRx

We are proud to present our collaboration with Rebelution with our all natural, glycol free, Cali-O and Sour Tsunami cartridges. Along with the new cartridges, we also have a new Rebelution Flower Pen. Click the above image for more information on these products!


Rebelution The Good Vibes Summer Tour 2017

To celebrate our new product collaboration with Rebelution, we’ve teamed up to give away Free Tickets to The Good Vibes Summer Tour 2017! So far we’ve had many lucky winners for the June and July shows. Stay tuned for August 2nd & 12th, and September 15th contests.

FlavRx MMA Fighters

Squad up! We’ve teamed up with a crew of MMA Fighters, as seen in photo (left to right) Daniel Straus, Joe Schilling, Georgi Karakhanyan. Be sure to follow them on Instagram to follow their training, fights, and their FlavRx Experience!

New CBD Cartridges

Now available at local dispensaries, new FlavRx CBD Oil cartridges! Offering 12 delicious flavors that are all natural, gluten-free, and non-pyschoactive.

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