Weedmaps News: Insight Into Marijuana in the NFL at Denver’s Canna Business Conference

Nate Jackson Shines a Light on Marijuana in NFL & Foresees Change

This week, the Weedmaps editorial team attended the Denver Cannabis Business Conference – “Sports, Meds, & Money” – at Cloverleaf University, where key influencers within the industry and beyond delivered informative speeches over the course of three days. Headlining the conference was Denver’s own Nate Jackson, and he presented an inspirational talk on how helpful marijuana can be for professional athletes as a substitute for traditional perscribed painkillers.

Rebelution’s Marley D Williams Gets Lip-Smackingly Baked with FlavRx

Rebelution, a reggae group out of Santa Barbara, CA, are big supporters of medical marijuana. What does their bassist, Marley D Williams, think of FlavRx’s undeniably tasty, strain-specific vape oils? Hit the play button to find out as he samples the tangy Tangie and gets hilariously high.

Sheriffs Sue Colorado Over Legal Marijuana Law

Colorado has already been sued over its marijuana legalization laws by Nebraska and Oklahoma, as well as by individual property owners and hotel operators. Thursday marked more bad news for the state as a third lawsuit was filed by sheriffs from Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska. What’s in store for the Centennial State?

Weedmaps Strain Showcase – Chiquita Banana from Canna Cruz

WeedmapsTV’s first ever live resin Strain Showcase brings you Canna Cruz’s unbelievable Chiquita Banana live resin! These premium meds are processed in a way that specifically aims to leave terpenes intact, and the test results are testament to that fact. Chiquita Banana boasts a 4.36% terp value and a whopping 89.74% THC.

Rhode Island Introduces Bill to Legalize Marijuana

Rhode Island may be our smallest state, but there’s no doubt that it’s big on pot. So much so, that lawmakers are planning on introducing a bill to “regulate and tax pot like alcohol” today. Will Rhode Island be next up to join the growing ranks of states with legal weed?

2 Chainz Smoked an $800 Ounce Out of Gold Papers

Nancy Grace’s worst nightmare is in the weed spotlight once again. On the latest episode of his GQ show “Most Expensivest Shit”, 2 Chainz teamed up with Dr. Dina and proposed, “How bout we put our most expensive meds with your most expensive rolling papers and have an expensive experience.” Want to see $800 of loud go up in smoke? Of course you do!

Weedmaps Dispensary Tour – Urban Greenhouse

Phoenix, AZ’s Urban Greenhouse has made a name for itself with the quality of its products and its commitment to customer service. New patients are treated to a free gram just for showing up and veterans love Urban Greenhouse for their 10% discount on any item. With a state of the art research and grow facility, an exclusive selection Slim J pens and unbeatable deals, and truly compassionate patient service, Urban Greenhouse is a dispensary that Arizona patients can be proud to call home.

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